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Where Tricare and ISOS shameful behavior is exposed!

dedicated to informing beneficiaries of Tricare Overseas about their benefit and allowing them to discuss the issues they face when using a set of rules and policies that the Tricare management activity (TMA) and International SOS (ISOS) treat as confidential or claim are proprietary which deprive beneficiaries of the information they need to attempt to obtain even a small portion of what they pay for care to be reimbursed.

We have moved future content to a Blog that maybe more suited to hosting the TRICARE SubStandard issues we have to deal with including the Closed Network. It is also a better place to add your stories of maltreatment by Tricare. The blog is known as TRICARE Overseas Philippines


If you have a topic you want to add to the blog or just want to contact us feel free to email: Tricare Philippine SubStandard

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Latest News or Additions

 See the latest Blog entry entitled "The Elimination of Tricare for Beneficiaries in the Philippines". The linked study clearly shows that the Tricare Management Activity (TMA) has reduced access to care to levels never seen before. Levels that are in the 20% or lower level when compared to all other beneficiaries anywhere else in the world.

Have You Been Abused by the poorly thought out TMA and ISOS policies that make up TRICARE Substandard?


Tell us your story - My Story

 This link will open a document with links to each set of supplemental spreadsheets associated with the referenced "Certified Provider List". These provide separate listings of added, removed and changed provider listings. Go to Supplemental
 See the new Guidelines & Illustrations page where beneficiaries can find honest answers to question about Philippine SubStandard that TMA and ISOS will not tell them claiming they are secret. Also see interesting examples of how badly TMA and ISOS manage Tricare in the Philippines. MORE TO COME DAILY, CHECK IT OUT! 

 Does TMA and ISOS commit fraud against beneficiaries in the Philippines? You be the judge, read the blog entry about it. Fraud